By Dr. April Minatrea - Clinical PsychologistJan 10, 2017

Those familiar with my work with military veterans might rightly think that the name Freedom Counseling was chosen to honor those who serve to protect our freedom.  That is true…but it’s also much more than that.

Freedom is what people are looking for when they call.

Typically, it’s freedom from a problem: anxiety, depression, anger, heartache…the list goes on.  And yet, implicit in their request is something else–freedom FOR the opposite.  Peace.  Joy.  Love.  Hope.

Finding THAT is the aim of Freedom Counseling.  There are plenty of tools and techniques to help you get there: cognitive-behavioral therapy, relaxation and visualization exercises, and faith-based counseling for those who desire it–just to name a few.  But regardless of the path we take, we do best to begin with the end in mind:

What do you need freedom FOR?