The first step is to get in touch with Dr. Minatrea by calling or completing the contact form. You will have an opportunity to speak with her personally prior to setting up your appointment. If she is in session when you call, please leave a message on her private voicemail, and she will return your call. During your free phone consultation, Dr. Minatrea will ask you to briefly describe the issue(s) you want to address so that she can make sure she is the right person to help, and you will have a chance to ask any questions you may have. If you both agree that it’s a good fit, you will schedule your first appointment and be able to complete the intake process online prior to your appointment.

During your first session, you will have a chance to tell Dr. Minatrea more about the issue(s) that are bringing you to see her. She will listen and ask questions to better understand you and your needs. Together you will create a plan to make things better. This may include certain topics to focus on or skills to practice. She may also suggest things for you to try at home, such as questions to consider, relaxation exercises, or things to read or write about. Homework is optional, but clients who work on things between sessions see faster results than those who do not—just as clients who work out between sessions with a personal trainer see results faster than those who don’t!

Like with most things in life, you will get out of sessions what you put into them. Clients who see maximum benefit come to the session prepared with an idea of what they’d like to talk about—perhaps a question to answer or a problem to solve. They take an active role during the meeting–talking, listening, learning, and taking notes. They follow-up with action steps before the next meeting…and often report back with success!  To learn more, see the blog post on How to Get the Most Out of Every Session.

The number and frequency of meetings varies depending on the client and the issues to be addressed. Some people are helped in just one session. Most people come back every 1-2 weeks, at least in the beginning. Some gradually space sessions further apart as things improve, eventually seeing Dr. Minatrea only periodically or as needed. Others continue meeting on a regular basis, finding that they still benefit from counseling or coaching even after the initial problem has been resolved. These clients are the ones who like having a sounding board and/or are interested continuing their personal growth. Often, they come to view meetings with Dr. Minatrea as an oasis in the middle of their week.

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