Experience God’s presence & peace

Disconnected from God? Questioning your faith?

Some people have had bad experiences with religion and/or life events that have caused them to have doubts or face a crisis of faith. Dr. Minatrea will not judge you but can help you explore these kinds of blocks and remove the barriers so you can reconnect with God. Love, forgiveness, and freedom are waiting! 

Friendship with God


For many people, prayer is a one-sided conversation…and they may feel like their words are bouncing off the ceiling! But God invites us into friendship—a two-way dialogue. You can learn to hear God in the many ways He speaks.

Dr. Minatrea offers guidance both to new believers who are just learning how to connect with God, as well as mature Christians seeking fresh ideas for going deeper. She can help with tips for daily quiet time, including different approaches for reading the Bible, meditation, and exercises for building your relationship with God. She also teaches “Practicing the Presence,” keeping a continuous connection with God throughout the day.

The more time you spend with God, the more you will come to know Him and His love for you…and be transformed.


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