If it was easy, you would’ve done it by now.

Dr. Minatrea offers coaching for both personal and professional development. As a Clinical Psychologist and Certified Professional Coach, she artfully blends understanding of human behavior and motivation with practical nuts and bolts strategies for achieving both short-term and long-term goals.

Dr. Minatrea can guide you through the process of clarifying your vision and breaking it down into small, actionable steps. She serves as sounding board, offering unique perspective and helping you see multiple angles, as well as providing validation when you need a boost of confidence. She can help you anticipate possible pitfalls so you can prepare and adjust accordingly, and she will be there to provide support, encouragement, and fresh ideas if you get stuck.

The advantage of working with a coach who is also a psychologist is that Dr. Minatrea is skilled at identifying and removing mental and emotional blocks to success, including limiting beliefs, fear of failure, fear of success, and perfectionism. She is familiar with the dynamics and process of changing behavior, which more often than not, starts with changing our beliefs. For those interested in a faith-based approach, she also offers Christian Coaching.



Traditional Coaching Lose weight. Learn practical tips for eating less and moving more. Reach fitness goals, like training for your first 5K or marathon.
+ Psychology Stop emotional eating. Think differently about your relationship with food and your body. Change motivated by love instead of fear or self-loathing.
+ Spirituality Find God—not food—as your source of comfort and satisfaction. Care for your body as God’s temple. Be empowered by Christ in you and discover Spirit power much stronger than will power.



Traditional Coaching Find a new job–or a new perspective on the one you have.  Change careers or start your own business. Get out of debt and get ahead. Learn tips to reduce stress and improve time management.  Work smarter, not harder, to optimize happiness and productivity.
+ Psychology Discover your passion and the courage to pursue your dream. Identify and remove blocks to money and success. Overcome people-pleasing, perfectionism, and fear to help you move forward, set boundaries, and find work/life balance.
+ Spirituality Discover your life’s purpose and know God’s plan for your life—including how your career path is an expression of the person God created you to be and a vehicle to fulfilling your destiny. Learn to trust God and His provision.  Break free from a poverty mindset and develop a wealth mindset, living in abundance based on your identity as God’s child. Get God’s guidance for daily decisions and life choices. Have God’s peace, courage, and strength in the midst of chaos and change. Work from a place of rest and peace.



Traditional Coaching Finding the one: Know what you are looking for.  Writing your online profile.  Dating do’s & don’ts. Learn practical tips for loving your partner and growing marital friendship. Set boundaries to help you manage relationships with friends, lovers, parents, kids, and others.
+ Psychology Are you ready and healthy enough to date? Grow intimacy by overcoming shame and barriers to vulnerability. Work through anger, guilt, and forgiveness to rebuild trust, be free to love, and have healthy relationships.
+ Spirituality Look to God—not another person—to make you happy…which enables you to be a healthy partner. Discover unconditional love and acceptance for yourself and others. Be a powerful enough person to live in love, joy, and peace—no matter what others do.


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