Dr. Minatrea works with clients across the faith spectrum, from atheists to the devoutly religious. She believes the therapeutic relationship should be characterized by compassion and acceptance—not judgment or condemnation—regardless of your beliefs. She seeks to discuss spiritual matters at a level that is comfortable for you.

Dr. Minatrea also recognizes that many people have been hurt by religious people and/or the church and seeks to facilitate healing and restoration in their relationship with God.


Integration of Faith & Science


Dr. Minatrea is gifted with the ability to integrate the science of psychology with the art of spiritual healing.

Although many clients come seeking help for a psychological problem, the solution is often spiritual in nature. For example, people suffering from depression are seeking joy. Those troubled by anxiety are looking for peace. Resolving anger and relationship problems means finding forgiveness and restoring love.

For clients seeking to incorporate their Christian faith into counseling, Dr. Minatrea blends psychological theory and techniques with Biblical wisdom and values. For example, cognitive therapy may be approached as a quest for truth—challenging and changing beliefs to bring them into alignment with God’s Word. Faith-based interventions may include spiritual disciplines such as prayer, meditation, and reading scripture. These may be used for relaxation training, as well as to overcome negative thought patterns, increase self-esteem, and improve mood.

Benefits of Christian Counseling

Be more joyful

Feel closer to God

Live out your faith

Find your true identity

Understand God’s plan for your life

Find inner peace

Be more patient

Let go of guilt and anger

Forgive yourself and others

Love yourself and others—even those who are hard to live with!

Those who do not need counseling for a particular problem but would like to go deeper in their relationship with God may benefit from Spiritual Development Coaching.

If you would like Christian counseling, please say so when you contact Dr. Minatrea for your free phone consultation.


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