Some people seek Christian coaching because they want to make sure that whatever advice they get lines up with the Bible and their own values. Others are looking for coaching on how to connect with God Himself. Dr. Minatrea offers both:

  • Hear God’s voice so that you can receive divine guidance. You can know God’s plan for your life! By knowing how He speaks and learning to discern what He is saying, you can gain wisdom and access heavenly help for making dreams into realities. For more on growing in your relationship with God, see Spiritual Development Coaching.
  • Understand your true identity and reach your destiny. When you discover who God created you to be, you can live the life you were born to live. When your worth comes from WHO you are rather than what you DO, you escape the performance trap of trying to prove your worth. Fulfillment of your life’s purpose begins to flow effortlessly from following your God-given passions.
  • Live from LOVE rather than FEAR. When we learn to operate in love rather than fear, joy and peace replace stress and anxiety.
  • Be empowered by Christ in you. There is great relief knowing that a power greater than you is living through you, so getting it done is not all up to you! As you learn to let go, you can work from a place of rest…which feels like play!

If you would like Christian coaching for your business, Dr. Minatrea also offers business consulting for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and private practitioners.  She also provides consulting services for churches, church leaders, and staff.


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