Make an investment in yourself.

Choosing a counselor can be daunting. This is the person you will be talking to about the most deeply personal aspects of your life—how you see yourself, your closest relationships, and possibly major life decisions—things that determine your happiness and shape who you become. You are making an investment in yourself, one that could impact the course of your life.

The most important thing is the comfort and connection you feel with the person you are talking to. You also want to find someone with the wisdom, training, and skill to guide you. You need someone that you click with, who understands you, and who has the expertise to help you. Dr. Minatrea recognizes how scary it can be trying to find someone—especially when you are just scrolling through names on the internet. That’s why she offers a free phone consultation. When you contact Dr. Minatrea, you will speak with her directly about your situation.

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