Small Business

Private Practice

For entrepreneurs and other business leaders, Dr. Minatrea provides business consulting, informed by her training as a psychologist and experience as a small business owner. She specializes in helping other professionals wanting to start and/or grow a private practice.

She provides ideas and feedback and offers motivation and accountability to help you take action and transform your vision into reality.

Business Planning

Develop a plan to start or grow a new business or private practice.


Know what makes you unique and who your ideal client is.


Reach your ideal clients with strategies suited to your personality.


Work smart to maximize efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction.

Financial Success

Set and raise fees. Be profitable. Overcome psychological barriers to success and making money.


Expand with new products and services. Create multiple revenue streams.


Maintain healthy work/life balance. Manage time and stress effectively.

For those interested in Christian business consulting, Dr. Minatrea offers “Kingdom Practices” for integrating Christian faith and values, biblical wisdom, and time-tested principles for success with your professional pursuits. This approach helps you examine how your business decisions are aligned with and help to advance God’s kingdom, while expressing your own identity and living fully as the person God created you to be.


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